035-Developing a New Learning Paradigm for Systems & Control

This chapter is mainly about developing a new Learning paradigm for systems and control , which generally includes theory,applications:motion systems control and biomechanical movement,selected publications and so on.

1. CENTRE FOR INTELLIGENT ENTRE FOR NTELLIGENT CONTROL ONTROL www.ece.nus.edu.sg/cic Developing Developing aa New New Learning Learning Paradigm Paradigm for for Systems Systems & & Control Control Theory Theory New Learning Paradigm Iterative Reinforcement Learning Learning System Machine Learning Learning Repetitive Incremental Learning Learning Bio- Learning Statistical Imitation Learning Learning Applications Applications Motion Systems Control Biomechanical Movement Humanoid behavioral analyzer By multiple internal models Selected Publications 1. J.-X. Xu and Y. Tan, “Linear and Nonlinear Iterative Learning Control”, Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences (291), Springer Verlag, 2003, Germany, ISBN 3-540-40173-3. 2. W.Z. Qian, S.K. Panda and J.-X. Xu, “Torque ripples minimization in PM synchronous motors using iterative learning control”, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Vol.19, no.2, pp.272-279, 2004. 3. J.-X. Xu, Y.Q. Chen, T.H. Lee and S Yamamoto, "Terminal iterative learning control with an application to RTPCVD", Automatica, Vol.35, no.9, pp.1535-1542, 1999. 4. J.-X. Xu and W. Wang, “A Multiple Internal Model Approach to Movement Planning”, IEEE 2004 International Symposium on Intelligent Control. For further information, please contact A/Prof. Jian-Xin Xu (elexujx@nus.edu.sg)