Examples of simple drives 4 wheels

Vocabulary Skid Steering (Tank Drive) Swerve Drive Holonomic (Omni) Drive Mecanum Drive

1.VEX Drive Trains

2. Drive Trains • Vocabulary • Skid Steering (Tank Drive) • Swerve Drive • Holonomic (Omni) Drive • Mecanum Drive

3. Drive Train A robot’s drive train consists of all of the components used to make the robot move. – Motors – Wheels – Transmissions

4. Omni-Wheels rollers around the edges allow omni-wheels to roll sideways

5. Mecanum-Wheels Left and right wheels are different. Not Available for VEX Rollers at 45° angles on the edges of mecanum wheels allow multi-directional movement

6. X-Wheel Drive X = how many wheels are connected to motors • Two wheel drive: two wheels are powered • Four wheel drive: four wheels are powere How many motors the robot has doesn’t matter: • The squarebot has only two motors, but it is an example of four wheel drive since all four wheels are connected to motors.


8. Skid Steering (Tank Drive) The left and right side of the robot are independently powered. To rotate, one side goes forward and the other goes backwards.

9. Swerve/Crab Drive A swerve drive robot has the ability to rotate its wheels.

10. Omni Drive Omni wheels pointing in opposite directions allow the robot to move in any direction or spin.

11. Mecanum Drive Mecanum drive is an omnidirectional drive system where *mecanum wheels are setup in a traditional four wheel drive system.

12. Problems • We decided that all our future robots will have meccano or omni drives. 1. Give arguments, why? 2. Find on Internet good components for such drives. 3. Present a complete design of an inexpensive robot base for a large and heavy humanoid robot that would be able to move rotate in all directions making an impression that the robot walks. (robot has legs to imitate walking).