17 Building my own robot from scratch

Mechanical Designs of robots Robot C- to play volleyball Robot to play hockey Philosophy How to Design a Robot Grabbing Items Using some intelligence

1.Mechanical Designs of robots

2. Robot that delivers stuff to locations 1. We will compare robots A, B, C, D, E, F 2. Robot can be prototyped with Lego NXT 3. Then we can add components from Tetrix 4. It is often faster, cheaper and better to design the robot from wood, plastic and metal by yourself and only use gears and motors with encoders from Tetrix. 5. We use this approach in our theatre. 6. Needs: 1. Doll grabbing (lifting) 2. Linear motion How to design 3. Base control mechanically robots that can grab some items and deliver to

3. Robot A 1. Deliver dolls to locations 1. Grabs an item 2. Releases the item 2. Can be used to deliver little robot actors to locations in robot theatre 3. Uses line following

4.Robot takes some object (a doll) in place X and delivers it to the location in place Y




8. Robot D • The same as before, robot delivers dolls to locations






14.Robot B

15. Robot B • Robot delivers dolls to locations, as before



18.Robot C- to play volleyball 1. Robot plays volleyball



21.Robot to play hockey

22.Robot to play hockey

23.Robot to play hockey


25.Robot to play hockey

26.Robot to play hockey

27.Philosophy How to Design a Robot


29. General Design Considerations • Effectiveness – Does the robot do what you want it to? – Speed & accuracy • Reliability – How often will it work? • Ease of Implementation – Balance complex, effective solutions with simple to build solutions – Faster implementation means that you have more time allowed for debugging, • and probably, it means less debugging