Jump Rope for Heart!!!

Carrying the TORCH against Heart Disease & Stroke!!! Raise $200 and you'll get TORCH! Saving Lives one Quack at a time!!! Earn ALL the Ducks and receive ...

1.Jump Rope for Heart!!! NAME OF SCHOOL HERE

2.Jump Rope for Heart!!! Meet Colby!!

3.You can take home your online ducks today! It’s easy…all you have to do is register and get donations! Saving a Heart is FUN! Online Donations

4.H ow to… Make Your Own Webpage ! Make a Jump Rope For Heart Web Page and YOU will have super powers to raise more life-saving donations! To get started - you will need to Sign Up and Join your School Team. Here’s how… 1 : Go to www.heart.org/jump 2 : Enter the 1 st 3 letters of your school’s name and click “ENTER” 3 : Scroll down the list until you find your school and click on “JOIN TEAM”

5.You are almost done Fast, easy to use, easy to get donations ! It’s so EASY to go Online ! Next… Create your own USERNAME and PASSWORD and then click “CONTINUE” Fill in the remaining information & have your parents check the Online Waiver box. click “CONTINUE”

6.Once you have logged in and JOINED your school TEAM then you will be able to make your own AVATAR !!!! Then… Online Donations count towards “Thank you” Gifts !

7.New this year is managing your Thank You Gifts online! Also… Ask your Jump Rope For Heart Director !

8.Earn Lifesaver Ducks …start by raising a $ 5 donation and turning in your Lifesaver Duck Coupon! L i f e s a v e r D u c k s Get them while you can!

9.Meet Quacky ! Raise $ 5 in donations and you get QUACKY & Lanyard! G et in on the FUN !!!

10.Bonus Duck Online: Sneaky Ninja! Raise any online donation and you get Sneaky Ninja ! Heart Disease can be sneaky too!!!

11.Thank You Gifts Raise $15 in donations and you get a Jump Rope !!! Keep your Heart Healthy !

12.Raise $35 and you get the life of the party… STRIPES! Bonus Thank You Gift Duck! Celebrate all the lives YOU are saving!

13.Raise $50 in donations and get a JRFH T-Shirt ! Get Your Very Own!!!! Thank You Gifts

14.Look COOL when YOU PLAY!!! Raise $75 in donations and get a Playground Ball! Thank You Gifts

15.Bonus Duck Online: Mr. Cool! Raise $75 in online donations and you get Mr. Cool ! Be cool and keep your heart healthy!!!

16. Bonus Thank You Gift Duck! It takes HEART to be a HERO !!! Raise $100 and get your very own… GLOW HEART SUPER HERO DUCK!

17.Raise $150 in donations and receive a MAX BOOM !! Sling Shot your way to being active!!! Thank You Gifts

18. BONUS Thank You Gift Duck! Carrying the TORCH against Heart Disease & Stroke!!! Raise $200 and you’ll get TORCH!

19.Saving Lives one Quack at a time!!! Earn ALL the Ducks and receive the Highest Honor… GOLDEN QUACKTASTIC TROPHY!

20.Raise $250 in donations and receive HEADPHONES! Rock out to every BEAT !!! Thank You Gifts

21.Raise $500 in donations and get WALKIE TALKIES! Walk and Talk with your friends!!! Thank You Gifts

22.Raise $1000 in donations and receive a RAZOR POWERWING! Power Up and RIDE!!! Thank You Gifts

23.Heart Heroes! Thank You for Helping Save Lives! Heart Survivors!