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2.Understanding the Microsoft Modern Data Warehouse

3.Agriculture Education Manufacturing Aerospace Financial Automotive Government Retail Healthcare Embracing data transforms business It is central to outperforming competitors

4.Manage data variety and volume across all data repositories Logical Maintain historical data from varied sources Traditional Gain real-time insights without impacting performance Operational Every enterprise needs reliable data warehousing solutions

5.Fragmented systems and processes Multiple tools and skill sets Siloed insights on disconnected data High cost of ownership Manage data variety and volume across all data repositories Logical Maintain historical data from varied sources Traditional Gain real-time insights without impacting performance Operational Modern data warehousing is challenging

6.SQL Server 2016 + reference architectures Azure SQL Data Warehouse Azure Data Lake Microsoft Data Warehouse Portfolio Manage data variety and volume across all data repositories Maintain historical data from varied sources Gain real-time insights without impacting performance Logical Traditional Operational

7.DW your way Comprehensive DW from Microsoft On-premises Cloud Elastic-scale for unpredictable demand Pay for what you need Azure SQL Database SQL Server in an Azure VM Azure SQL Data Warehouse Azure Data Lake Faster deployment Flexibility and choice of the latest generation of hardware Out-of-the-box offerings with reduced risk and greater confidence PRE-ENGINEERED SQL Server 2016 Fast Track + Meets strict regulatory compliance standards Enable strong data governance SQL Server 2016 BUILD YOUR OWN

8.On-premises (or IaaS) data warehousing Mission-critical workloads Upfront costs (CAPEX) SQL Server 2016 Cloud-based data warehousing Pay as you go (OPEX) Ad hoc workloads Azure SQL Data Warehouse High-level comparison

9.Introducing Azure SQL Data Warehouse

10.Introducing Azure SQL Data Warehouse A relational data warehouse as a service , fully managed by Microsoft Industry’s first elastic cloud data warehouse with enterprise-grade capabilities Integrated with on-premises and cloud assets Market-leading price/performance Simple compute and storage billing Pay for what you need High performance without rewriting applications Low cost for latent data Infrastructure, management, and support provided Scales to petabytes of data with MPP processing Resize compute nodes < 1 minute Faster time to insight than other SMP offering Designed for “on-demand” workloads Integrated with Azure platform and other Microsoft services Enables hybrid solutions Built on SQL Server experience and technology End-to-end platform built for the cloud Elastic scale & performance

11.Power of integration App service Intelligent app Hadoop Azure Machine Learning Power BI Azure SQL Database SQL Azure SQL Data Warehouse

12.True enterprise-ready SQL Server experience Mature enterprise-ready SQL for sophisticated DW scenarios Proven and used by millions of SQL Server users today Existing SQL Server scripts and tools just work Continuous enhancements on language surface User-defined functions & stored procedures Modular programming (write once, execute multiple times) Faster code execution Encapsulated programming logic Table partitioning Easier maintenance of large tables Improves performance Enhanced scalability and availability Collations Allows proper use and comparisons of characters in different languages Indices & columnstore support Mature columnstore technology for best-in-class DW query performance

13.Enables query capabilities across common Hadoop distributions (HDP & Cloudera) and Hadoop file formats in Azure storage Allows leveraging existing SQL skills and BI tools Supports multiple non-relational file formats Improved time-to-insights and simplified ETL PolyBase for querying and managing non-relational Hadoop and relational data SQL DW Instance Scale out compute Hadoop VMs / Azure Storage PolyBase Query unstructured data via PolyBase /T-SQL

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