Development of mobile applications using PhoneGap and HTML 5

Advantages and disadvantages of PhoneGap and HTML5 applications. • Technologies used for development of hybrid mobile applications. Types of mobile ...

1.Development of mobile applications using P hone G ap and HTML 5 Igor Duj lović Faculty o f Electrical Engineering University of Banja Luka 2014


3.Types of mobile applications Three basic types of mobile applications are: Native Web Hybrid Criteria for defining types: Technology used for development Usage of the same application on different mobile platforms (cross-platform) Supported features

4.Native mobile applications Developed for a specific mobile platform Use original SDK, programming language for specific platform, use all supported features High performance

5.Web applications Developed using web technologies Web application customized for mobile browsers (design, resolution, layout) Lack of support for all mobile phone features Same application can be used on many different mobile platforms

6.Hybrid applications Combination of native and web mobile applications Can be used on different mobile platforms Developed using web technology and native parts

7.Types of mobile applications Full capability Partial capability Single platform Multiple platforms Web developer skills Instant updates Unrestricted distribution Web developer skills Access to native platform App store distribution Advanced UI interactions Fastest performance App store distribution

8.Web part of hybrid mobile application Used for development of user interface and business logic HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, other libraries

9.HTML 5 & CSS 3 HTML 5 offers a lot of new features that can be used for development of mobile applications CSS3 provides animations, transitions, visual effects, … Useful HTML5 features: Geolocation API, storage, local database (available in PhoneGap), audio, video, graphics, form elements, WebSockets… Some features are not supported on all mobile platforms

10.JavaScript & other libraries JavaScript is used for development of business logic, dynamic page layout change, data processing… In complex applications maintaining of the JavaScript source code is difficult JavaScript frameworks provide better source code structure and more features: AngularJS, BackBone.js, jQuery Mobile…

11.Native part of hybrid mobile application Provides access to the Smartphone features from the web part Provides format that can be used for specific mobile platforms Native part is developed in a programming language and IDE specifically designed for one mobile platform Must be accessible from the web part (often with JavaScript interface)

12.PhoneGap PhoneGap is a free and open source framework that allows development of mobile apps using standardized web APIs for the many supported platforms Contains native libraries and allows compiling applications in a native environment for a specific platform PhoneGap supports many features that are accessible with JavaScript API and supports development of custom plug-ins

13.PhoneGap Web part PhoneGap API calls Mobile application Mobile operating system API Features and services API calls API calls

14.Mobile application structure

15.Mobile application structure GUI layer SPA – Single Page Application HTML 5 pages without any programming logic It is good to use existing frameworks such as jQuery Mobile that contain components, effects… Controllers One controller for one HTML page Provides event handles, calls to other application layers, calls to native features, HTML page layout manipulation, data processing… Simplification of source code maintenance in complex applications Provides better application controls, navigation rules…

16.Mobile application structure Data Layer Allows using local SQLite database or web storage objects Often used for offline application mode Network layer Provide access to web services Application main controller Controls global events, application state, navigation, monitor network state…

17.This organization enables easier maintenance, development and extending application features because it provides modular organization Source code can be organized as it is shown on image Mobile application structure

18.Advantages Same source code can be used for different platforms Fast development Usage of simple technologies Low costs

19.Disadvantages Lower performance than in native applications Every plug-in must be developed for every platform Limitations in usage of GUI elements for specific platforms if it can not be developed with HTML5 and CSS3

20.Conclusion PhoneGap is good for development of applications which don’t require high performance (3D games, intensive processing, multimedia processing…) Useful for development of business applications or mobile clients of information systems

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