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then add/show purple arrows between the 3 layers showing choice/paths for fulfillment. ... OpenStack, Eclipse Winery,, Apache, celar. Members ...

1.An Open Standard for Business Application Agility and Portability in the Cloud TOSCA Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) Standard

2.Matt to work on overall master template, agree on color palette. Animate each of the 3 major paragraphs as read by narrator TOSCA is an important new open cloud standard, that is enabling a unique eco-system, supported by a large and growing number of international industry leaders… What is TOSCA? TOSCA defines the interoperable description of applications; including their components, relationships, dependencies, requirements, and capabilities…. …thereby enabling portability and automated management across cloud providers regardless of underlying platform or infrastructure thus expanding customer choice , improving reliability , and reducing cost and time-to-value .

3.Animate each of the 3 challenge bullets as they are introduced by narrator Matt needs to work on adding graphics that match the verbs/concepts of each bullet. Discuss only the challenge (perhaps in more detail), but do not discuss solution Speed and accuracy moving apps to Cloud Agility adapting to change (Business and IT) Consumer Choice of Cloud vendor and technology TOSCA addresses critical cloud challenges

4.Need to say something about “models” as it is intro’d here By supporting these principles: containment, connectivity, composition and reuse (from an application perspective) Animate containment and connectivity (and reuse) Web Server Tier Web Server Web App PHP Script Module Database Server Tier DB Server Database These concepts lead to an application-centric, holistic, unified model Reusable models extend investments by making it easy to compose more valuable and complex apps from existing apps Models can be validated by automation to ensure app-aware, policy-aligned config , deployment and other operational semantics Containment and Connectivity c oncepts s upport Composition & Reuse Application / Service The collective knowledge of application and infrastructure experts are captured as reusable TOSCA models

5.TOSCA supports automated matching of application requirements to service provider capabilities Application can be portable to any cloud (including hybrids) that meets the application’s requirements Opposite of a “lowest-common denominator” approach TOSCA enables an eco-system w here s ervice p roviders can C ompete and D ifferentiate to add v alue to Your Applications Cloud Provider A Cloud Provider B Application / Service Would like a new graphic here. Make more consistent with slide #5 (next) Suggestions made to reuse (foreshadow) graphics from slide #6 ( Eurocloud ) Explore Venn diagram from “tools”, “service provider” “marketplace” using same color coding, TOSCA at intersection Show several providers reaching out (serving) to a customer (TOSCA model) Note: need to work on overlap “best fit” sentence and the “ req -cap” sentence Each cloud provider offers his “best fit” of unique capabilities, features, and services, based on requirements described by the application’s TOSCA Service Template

6.Design Tools Service Marketplaces Cloud Managers OASIS Sponsored Multi-Company Interop. Demos of SugarCRM, SAP CRM and ERP application portability Different partner cloud orchestration engines & tools seamlessly modeling, deploying , running and monitoring the same TOSCA service templates on different clouds . TOSCA eco-system vision successfully demonstrated @ Eurocloud October 15-16, Luxembourg Participating Companies: SAP Marketplace Telco Cloud Solution Supported Clouds FlexFrame Orchestrator Service Designer C loud Monitoring Workload Deployer Cloud Marketplace Cloud Management and Automation SmartCloud Orchestrator Other cloud optimization tools multiple marketplaces (conceptual) Animate by populating the empty Tools, marketplace and cloud manager boxes, (no tools/company names or logos). Empty clouds in bottom layer Add tools/logos/company names for “Design” layer then “Marketplace” layer, then “Cloud Manager” layer then add/show purple arrows between the 3 layers showing choice/paths for fulfillment. Show arrows top-down from orange layer to purple to blue layers in that order

7.TOSCA Templates Agnostic to Cloud Infrastructure Changes TOSCA enables holistic application lifecycle automation while ensuring integrity, security and c ompliance TOSCA templates communicate and drive application-centric DevOps and continuous delivery Infrastructure Changes Hot Packs Strategic Requests Operational Requests External Influences Architects Model services, policies & requirements Development Teams Develop, unit test scripts, plans & artifacts for planned releases, patches, fixes QA Teams Build & Test releases, updates & configurations Operations Deploy, manage & monitor application lifecycle Cloud Provider A Cloud Provider C Cloud Provider B Design TOSCA Template Cloud Application Lifecycle with TOSCA TOSCA Template Develop TOSCA Template Test Build TOSCA Template TOSCA Template Deploy Animate by “role” starting with Architects then adding Development, QA and Operations (in that order around the circle) Initially, the slide starts with just the clouds and the purple ring, For each role add the yellow arrow(s) and yellow boxes and any arrows and TOSCA templates they connect to. Finally add the “External Infuences ” and add 1 by 1 the darker purple arrows inside of it from top-to-bottom (i.e., Strategic requests, operational requests, etc.)

8.TOSCA Portable Cloud Application TOSCA reduces complexity by expressing application requirements independently from cloud provider capabilities TOSCA applications are portable to different infrastructures Application Requirements Infrastructure Capabilities Application Requirements (Abstract) Storage Compute1 DB Compute2 App Network TOSCA Orchestration - Match and Optimize TOSCA Service Template Software + Infrastructure Patterns Cloud Consumer Choice Scaling Policy Ring Network KVM KVM KVM KVM KVM KVM Cloud Provider A Cloud Provider C Cloud Provider B 8 Initially the slide starts with everything but the arrows (and dotted lines connecting the “top” (App requirements) to the “bottom” (Infra. Capabilities) and also the “TOSCA Orhcstration ” box is hidden. The Large Arrows on the left are the first to be made visible (first adding the orange App reqs then adding the blue Infra Caps) Then add the “Match and Optimize” purple box Finally we add the smaller arrows connecting the graphics by adding (in the same order) the 1 orange chevron inside the App Req. box and then the 3 blue Caps for providers A, B and C and the connecting lines. Ideally we would show the TOSCA document flowing to Clouds A, B and C in along the dotted line’s path 10 Gb Network X86 VM HDD X86 VM HDD X86 VM PowerVM SSD PowerVM SSD PowerVM SSD PowerVM SSD PowerVM PowerVM RDMA Network (Abstract) Infrastructure Capabilities

9. TOSCA enables flexible movement between different clouds Cloud Provider C TOSCA Template Application / Service Initial Deployment TOSCA Cloud Service Templates enable … Cloud providers to match application requirements while still offering unique solutions Automated application movement between Clouds without typical migration pains Move 9 Cloud Provider A Freedom to respond to changes in business needs and regulatory demands Initially no arrows Animate the “Initial deployment” arrow Then add and animate the “Move” arrow

10.TOSCA eco-system is rapidly growing with support from many industry leaders and open source partners TOSCA Version 1.0 Specification approved as an OASIS Standard (25 Nov 2013) Government and Corporate Awareness : OASIS : 600 + member organizations. 5000 + participants spanning 65 + countries TOSCA TC : 150+ m embers, 35+ companies & orgs. Iternational Standards & Research : ETSI NFV liaison, EU FP7, etc . Industry Analysts : Forrester names TOSCA as a top four cloud open standard (Mar 2014) Multi-company Interoperability Demonstrated : EuroCloud 2013 (Oct 2013) : IBM , SAP, Fujitsu, Huawei, HP, Vnomic, Zenoss and others Open Data Center Alliance : TOSCA Application Portability in the Enterprise Cloud PoC (Jan 2014) Open Source : OpenStack, Eclipse Winery, , Apache, celar Members Companies Open Source Projects

11.Find out how TOSCA can empower your Cloud business In implementing your Cloud strategy TOSCA enables unique solutions to your key challenges Speed and accuracy moving apps to Cloud Agility adapting to change - Business and IT Choice of Cloud vendor and technology Talk to your vendors and platform providers about their TOSCA support TOSCA enables application portability and automated management across cloud providers regardless of underlying platform or infrastructure thus expanding customer choice , improving reliability , and reducing cost and time-to-value . 11

12.TOSCA Technical Committee Public Page TOSCA v1.0 Specification TOSCA v1.0 Primer TOSCA Simple Profile in YAML v1.0 in early, committee-approved draft form Technical Committee Co-Chairs: Paul Lipton, Simon Moser, 12 TOSCA Resources – Learn More

13.The following slides … Showcase companies’ and organizations’ TOSCA Design Tools, Marketplaces, Orchestrators and Cloud Managers The TOSCA Ecosystem in action!

14.App-Centric Cloud Lifecycle Prototype: Sugar CRM CSAR Use Case

15.Juju is an Open Source TOSCA Orchestrator that can deploy workloads across public, private clouds, and directly onto bare metal. Supports TOSCA 1.1 - Simple YAML Profile Supports AWS, OpenStack, Azure, HP Helion Cloud, Joyent, and Bare Metal Rich Ecosystem of tools and Users Library of over 100 production workloads via a Charm Store

16.∂ A pplication LI fecycle EN abler 4 Cloud Open-Source Cloud Governance Solution based on TOSCA Alien4Cloud C loud S ervice AR chives ∂ Single application package Enterprise devops collaboration & Self-Service Execution platforms Applications TOSCA Topology edition Multiple platforms and clouds Multiple platform versions Application Lifecycle management Containers … … PaaS and Orchestrators Private Cloud Public Cloud … … Cloud governance Environment Resources and Capabilities Orchestrator Compliant Package Continuous Delivery c loudify 2 c loudify 3 heat others

17.FlexFrame ® Orchestrator solutions enable dynamic infrastructures for private and hosted clouds focusing on SAP Applications Adopting OpenStack and OASIS-TOSCA is driving FlexFrame ® Orchestrator innovation towards cloud interoperability and application portability Potentially extending FlexFrame ® Orchestrator to support a broad set of TOSCA-compliant business applications FlexFrame ® Orchestrator adopting TOSCA Key Technologies Automation & Orchestration Application & Infrastructure Virtualization High Availability Disaster Tolerance Multi Tenancy Lifecycle Management DevOps Support TOSCA Service Templates Application Repository Key Business Values Reduced Costs Increased Agility Improved Service Levels Reduced Complexity Cloud Interoperability & Portability FlexFrame Management Application & Hardware Virtualization Computing Storage Network Orchestration TOSCA Service Template

18. GigaSpaces Cloudify - Cloud Application Orchestrator to Support TOSCA Orchestrates TOSCA Service Templates using workflows to automate deployments and other DevOps automation processes

19.Develop a TOSCA Design model for a Pet Clinic App and deploy the application HP Cloud Service Automation - HP’s comprehensive Hybrid Cloud Management Solution 19 Declarative Service Designs (Aligned to TOSCA principles) Publish into Catalogs as Service Offerings Create Subscriptions Topological graph results in a system generated execution plan for fulfillment

20.Deploy the SugarCRM Based on Tosca CSAR Package Upload the CSAR package Topology of the Application based on the CSAR Package and the Deploying Flow Login portal For Tosca Demo Step 1 : Login Step 2: Upload Step 3: Deploying Step 4: Deployment Successful Status of each nodes descript in the CSAR Package Ready Wait for implement installing configuring 20

21.Demo TOSCA Service Templates import and deployment using IBM Cloud Orchestrator Import of the SugarCRM or SAP TOSCA applications into our integrated application builder tool. Integrated tooling for TOSCA template creation and editing Import and export of TOSCA v1.0 compliant service templates Deploy-time composition of service templates based on policies Integrated monitoring and scaling of deployed services Deployed instances of SugarCRM or SAP services with public IP addresses SugarCRM or SAP CRM services offered in a service catalog 21

22.SAP supports TOSCA standardization As a cloud leader, SAP has supported the development of the TOSCA standard from the very beginning. SAP was one of the companies that originally proposed TOSCA at OASIS in 2011. In 2013, SAP took part in the TOSCA interoperability demo at Eurocloud Congress, showing an SAP landscape – SAP CRM on Sybase ASE – automatically deployed by TOSCA solutions from several SAP partners, all developed independently. We anticipate that TOSCA will deliver significant cost savings and faster time-to-value for the many SAP customers moving to the cloud.

23.Declarative Delivery and Governance support for TOSCA Marketplaces Publish to Marketplaces Vnomic Desired State Controller Deploy from Marketplaces Import and Compose new Services Vnomic Service Designer Model existing deployments Orchestrate TOSCA Service Templates across diverse clouds and infrastructures Compose Services from existing deployments and component libraries Create TOSCA Service Templates using modeled Components and Artifacts Vnomic Suite: Declarative Desired State Service Delivery and Governance for the most complex applications and infrastructures Private, hybrid and public clouds

24.Copyright Zenoss, Inc. SAP service deployed with TOSCA orchestration Realized deployment is instrumented for monitoring using TOSCA template along with deployment information Results in deployment and operational support of services based on IT policies Service Model Monitoring via TOSCA 24