The course is mainly about TedSelker.Generally covered knee bars and race cars ,towards a behavioral motor match , stable hands point better ,user system ergonomic research .


2. Trackpoint: Knee bars and race cars • Stewart Card / Tom Moran Human Computer Interaction 1983 • Knee bar better than mouse for novices ? Mouse takes 1.7 seconds to grab • Joysticks have always had over-shoot problems people want to drive a Ferrari .. but they crash it • TrackPoint ; 10 years of human factors work ergonomic, ambidextrous device • Matching human visual and motor abilities

3. TrackPointIII • Grippy Top – Consistent grippiness • Drag Buttons – Aids to fine pixel manipulation – Aid to people with Special needs • Negative Inertia – more precise – faster getting to object

4.• PlacementTowards a Behavioral Motor Match • Eye Tracking • Wiggly Fingers • Going Fast • Movement Feedback • Grippiness • Mouse Lockout Select and Type

5.In Keyboard Pointing Remote Controls Finger Control Everywhere! Air Traffic Control Surgical Instruments TrackPoint Sightless Pointing Prosthetics pointing Steering Two Handed Industrial Controllers Arcade Games In Mouse Scrolled

6.Pointing everywhere

7. Towards a Behavioral Motor Match • Placement • Eye Tracking • Wiggly Fingers • Going Fast • Movement Feedback • Gripiness • Mouse Lockout Select and Type Sensors:2d 3d, linear, eye motion…

8.Stable hands point better

9.Buttons mater too.


11.Why one?




15. User System Ergonomic Research IBM Almaden Research Center San Jose California Physical, Graphical, & Cognitive Human Computer Interface

16.So many thing

17. Scrolling.... Does another input help? great 3 very good 2 good 1 OK 0 poor -1 very poor -2 terrible -3 Mouse WheelMouse JSMouse 2hand

18.Invention HCI: Who Does What Design White papers Moch ups • We must do enough... User testing – technologies and methods Users Prototyping – meet,know and be thy user Manufacturing Splash Differentiability Sales Returns Market acceptance Market size Warranty problems Recall problems Profitability Extensibility Follow ons

19. Desktop: was a place to concentrate • Organize • Bring Things Together • Communication is Relationship

20.Placement, pressure, ergonomics, …