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1.MLSQL Doc helper

2. ⾃自我简介 祝海海林林,丁⾹香园⼤大数据资深架构师 技术博客: 开源项⽬目:

3. API Time Everything is API, then the cloud borns. The essence of the cloud is to APIize the software/hardware infrastructure. At the same time, APIize the most common scenes. PC software-> APP -> API

4.Why design this? Document ! Document ! Document ! Document should be exposed by API

5. MLSQL API Doc you can use sql to load mlsqlAPI.`` as apis; find what you want select * from apis where path=“/run/script” as output;

6.MLSQL startup configurations you can use sql to find what you want load mlsqlConf.`` as configs; select * from configs where name like "%bigdl%" as output;

7.Available Estimators/Transformers load modelList.`` as output;

8.Available params of Specific Estimator/Transformer load modelParams.`RandomForest` as output;

9.Show example of Specific Estimator/Transformer load modelExample.`RandomForest` as output;

10.New features will be available soon load Doc.`` as output; load Doc.`grammar` as output; load Doc.`installations` as output; more……

11.Questions Please make some noise