Apache Spark最新技术进展和3.0+展望

Apache Spark最新技术进展和3.0+展望

  • Data Warehouse Enhancement
  • Spark on Cloud
  • Spark + AI
  • 3.0

1.Apache Spark最新技术进展和 3.0+展望 李呈祥(司麟) 阿里巴巴高级技术专家 计算平台事业部

2. Agenda Data Warehouse Spark on Cloud Spark + AI 3.0 Enhancement

3.A Unified Analytics Engine for Large-scale Data Processing Easy-to-use API Rich Ecosystem Support Efficient Engine

4.Data Warehouse Enhancement

5. Delta Lake • ACID Transactions Coming soon: • Scalable Metadata • Audit History Handling • Full DML Support • Time Travel (data versioning) • Expectations • Open Format • Unified Batch and Streaming Source and Sink • Schema Enforcement

6. Data Source V2 • Unified API for batch and streaming • Flexible API for high performance implementation • Flexible API for metadata management • Target 3.0

7. Runtime Optimization Adaptive Execution EMR Runtime Filter Dynamic optimize the execution • Filter big table with runtime plan at runtime based on the statistic of join key. statistic of previous stage. • Support both partitioned • Self tuning the number of table and normal table. reducers • Adaptive join strategy • Automatic skew join handling

8. EMR Spark Relational Cache Data Organization: User may analyze data in • partition, bucket, sort certain access pattern • file index, zorder • Regularly join 2 tables? • Regularly aggregate by certain Data pre-computation: fields? • pre-filter • Regularly filter by certain fields? • denormalization • …… • pre-aggregation • …… Make data adaptive to compute, so spark compute faster.

9. EMR Spark Relational Cache Easy to build and maintain Transparent to user P P CREATE VIEW emp_flat AS -- User Query -- SELECT * FROM employee, address SELECT * FROM F F WHERE e_addrId = a_addrId; employee, address WHERE Spark C J CACHE TABLE emp_flat e_addrId = USING parquet optimized PARTITIONED BY (e_ob_date) a_addrId and a_cityName E A Optimizer plan = ’ShangHai’ P -- Cached Mata -- emp_flat J E A

10.Spark on Cloud

11. Storage and Computing Disaggregation Why disaggregate storage and computing: • Pay as you go. • Scale independently of each other. • More reliable storage. Aliyun OSS The challenge of disaggregation: • Object store metadata management. • Limited network resource.

12. Storage and Computing Disaggregation EMR JindoFS fill the gap between object store and compute framework: • File System API and meta management. • Local replication support. Remote reliable storage and fast local access. • Automatic and transparent cold data separation and migration • Optimized for machine learning and Spark AI

13. Spark on Cloud: Remote Shuffle Service Spark Cluster • Data source storage is disaggregated M M M from computing while local shuffle data is not. R R R Remote Shuffle • Local storage has poor elasticity. Service • Current external shuffle service make Spark Cluster cost extra effort for M M M worker/nodemanager, and is not available for k8s. R R R • [SPARK-25299] would support write shuffle file to remote storage, remote shuffle service is still on the way. • Pay as you go. • Service run on hosts optimized for it.

14. Spark on Kubernetes Natively support since 2.3 Pyspark/R binding and client mode supported since 2.4 Spark 3.0+ • Dynamic allocation support • Kerberos support • …

15.Spark + AI

16. Project Hydrogen: Spark + AI • Better AI need big data Barrier Accelerator Optimized • Data analysis get deeper Execution Aware Data Mode Scheduling Exchange • Hydrogen make Spark a unified AI processing pipeline

17. Project Hydrogen: Barrier Execution Task1 Spark Task2 • Gang scheduling enabled to run DL job as Spark stage. Task3 • Specific recovery strategy supported for gang scheduled Task1 stage. • Available since 2.4 ML Task2 Task3

18. Project Hydrogen: Accelerator Aware Scheduling • GPUs are applied at application level. • User can retrieve assigned GPUs from task context. • Can extend to other accelerator, such as: FPGA • Available at 3.0, see [SPARK-27362], [SPARK-27363]

19. Project Hydrogen: Optimized Data Exchange • Spark loads/saves data from/to persistent storage in a data format used by a DL/AI framework. • Spark feeds data into DL/AI data frameworks for training. • Prefer to use Apache Arrow as exchange data format. • [SPARK-24615] WIP

20.Spark 3.0

21. 3.0 Targets • Spark on K8s • Project Hydrogen • Dynamic resource allocation • GPU-Aware scheduling • Kerberos support • Optimized data exchange • Hadoop 3.x support • Adaptive Execution • Self tuning the number of reducers • Hive 2.3 support • Adaptive join strategy • Scala 2.12 GA • Data Source V2 • Better ANSI SQL compliance This presentation may contain projections or other forward-looking statements regarding the upcoming release (Apache Spark 3.0). The statements are intended to outline our general direction. They are intended for information purposes only. They are not a commitment to deliver code or functionality. The development, release and timing of any feature or functionality described for Apache Spark remains at the sole discretion of ASF and the Apache Spark PMC.

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