Real-Time Analytics and Actions Across Large Data Sets with Apache Spark

Around the world, businesses are turning to AI to transform the way they operate and serve their customers. But before they can implement these technologies, companies must address the roadblock of moving from batch analytics to making real-time decisions by rapidly accessing and analyzing the relevant information amidst a sea of data. Yaron will explain how to make Spark handle multivariate real-time, historical and event data simultaneously to provide immediate and intelligent responses. He will present several time sensitive use-cases including fraud detection, prevention of outages and customer recommendations to demonstrate how to perform predictive analytics and real-time actions with Spark.

1.Real-Time Analytics & Actions at Scale with Apache Spark and Nuclio (Serverless) Yaron Ekshtein, Iguazio April 2019

2.Agenda § Current data-science and analytics challenges § A continuous and cloud native architecture § What does Serverless have to do with it? § Use cases § Summary and Q&A

3. The Surprising Truth About What it Takes to Build a Machine Learning Product Source: Josh Cogan, Google 3

4.The Data-Driven Business Challenge From Reactive to Proactive and Intelligent Event-Driven Value of Data Interactive Batch Real-time Minutes Days Time to Action

5.Evolve Into an Agile Cloud-Native Architecture Your Business Logic Innovate Any Containerized Microservice Consume Cloud Storage and Databases

6. Today: Intelligent App Pipeline is Complex and Siloed Multiple Management Interfaces: Collection and ML Development Deployment & Serving Exploration and Training (cloud or edge) Data Sources Stream Processing Interactive Data Science Triggers and ML model Interaction Data Lakes/ ETL and Batch ML Training Jobs Interactive app Warehouses Reports and Dashboards Data and Data and Data and Compute: Compute: Compute: App Developers, Data Engineers Data Scientists Data Engineers 6

7. A Continuous Pipeline, Focused On Production Develop Deploy Monitor Collect, Explore Train and Test Deploy with and Tag Data ML Models Serverless Triggers and Data Sources Interactions Monitor Microservices Real-time and historical data 7

8. Nuclio: Taking Serverless to The Next Level Extreme Performance Advanced Data & AI Features Statefulness nuclio processor Shard 1 Workers Shard 2 Event Function Shard 3 Workers Listeners Workers Functions Shard 4 DB, MQ, File Workers § Zero copy, buffer reuse § Auto-rebalance, checkpoints § Data bindings § Up to 400K events/sec/proc § Any trigger source § Shared volumes § GPU Support § Simple integration § Context cache Open-source Serverless for compute & data intensive tasks 8

9.Use-cases: Building Real-Time Intelligent Apps, The Easy way !

10. Demo Video 10

11. Demo: Voice Driven Real-Time Analytics GOOGLE MAP SERVICE Update Voice Locations Query SMART HOME DEVICE SQL Query AI SQL API WEB UI (REACT)

12. Use Case: Real-Time Analysis of Financial Data Data Exploration & RT Analysis Real-time Dashboard RT Tweet Sentiment Analysis Tick feed Analysis World Trading Data & Tagging News Stream • Enriched tweet stream viewer • Stocks tables • Stocks + sentiment TSDB 12

13. Auto-Healing Network Operations Predict network outages and avoid them in real-time § Cross correlating real time data from multiple sources with historical data § AI based predictions trigger pre-programmed actions that fix evolving problems in the network § Implemented within weeks 13

14. Demo: Predictive Netops Using Serverless + Spark Auto-deploy Exploration & ML Training, Correlation Model export NLP processing Of real-time Failure & Anomaly Serverless router logs Spark prediction NetFlow data Real-time DB Real-time telemetry 14

15. Real-time Data and AI for Airport Operations Leading Airport Ground Operations uses AI to react faster to schedule changes § Quicker ground handling response to flight re-scheduling § Operational efficiency and visibility Flight Status Real-time Apps Ingest and Process Data for Intelligent Apps Dashboards Passenger Push / Pull via alerts and actions status REST API Vehicle Insights Telemetry BI style dashboards & alerts Staff Events Streams roster Real-time Database Intelligent Apps Baggage Other AI/ML NoSQL + K/V tables + TSDB status Systems Flight Schedule Scheduled batch 15

16.Example: Predictive Maintenance Based on Real-time + Historical Data Real-time Predicted Devices & Machines Alerts Alerts Process Stream Predict Every 15 Upload to Every 6 Web Update ML Sensor Data Trigger minutes Cloud hours Model hook Aggregate using Time Series APIs Query APIs • ML Models NoSQL & Time • Machine Metadata Real-time Series API Time Series Vectors • Environmental data dashboard (Avg, Min/Max, Stdev per sensor) intelligent edge

17. Summary Build continuous, AI-driven and proactive apps faster § Focus on using data, not collecting it § Adopt a continuous data and integration approach § Consolidate cloud-native microservices architecture § Use Serverless – for faster agile results My Email: 17

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