Databricks + Snowflake: Catalyzing Data and AI Initiatives

“Combining Databricks, the unified analytics platform with Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud is a powerful combo. Databricks offers the ability to process large amounts of data reliably, including developing scalable AI projects. Snowflake offers the elasticity of a cloud-based data warehouse that centralizes the access to data. Databricks brings the unparalleled utility of being based on a mature distributed big data processing and AI-enabled tool to the table, capable of integrating with nearly every technology, from message queues (e.g. Kafka) to databases (e.g. Snowflake) to object stores (e.g. S3) and AI tools (e.g. Tensorflow). Key Takeaways: How Databricks & Snowflake work; Why they’re so powerful; How Databricks + Snowflake symbiotically catalyze analytics and AI initiatives”

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