Apache Spark At Apple

At Apple we rely on processing large datasets to power key components of Apple’s largest production services. Spark is continuing to replace and augment traditional MR workloads with its speed and low barrier to entry. Our current analytics infrastructure consists of over an exabyte of storage and close to a million cores. Our footprint is also growing further with the addition of new elastic services for streaming, adhoc and interactive analytics. In this talk we will cover the challenges of working at scale with tricks and lessons learned managing large multi-tenant clusters. We will also discuss designing and building a self-service elastic analytics platform on Mesos.

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2.Traditional Apache Hadoop at Apple We schedule with YARN on HDFS A lot of batch processing including ingest

3.Along Comes Apache Spark Users started testing pre 1.0 New set of users vs. MapReduce Largely adhoc

4.Spark Growth September 2016 May 2018 25% 46% 54% 75% Spark Spark MapReduce MapReduce

5.Challenges Scaling to Production • Listenerbus • Fault tolerance • History Server • Streaming jobs

6.More Challenges Optimizing Resource Use • Estimating Spark resource usage is harder than MapReduce • Visualizing it is harder too

7.Visualizing Resource Use 30 Used 22.5 Allocated Memory (TB) 15 7.5 0 16:00 16:30 17:00 17:30 18:00 18:30 19:00 19:30 20:00 20:30 Time

8.Hadoop/Spark Footprint Over an exabyte of storage Half a million cores Over 5PB of RAM

9.Hadoop Growth In 18 months • Storage—Up 2x • Cores—Up 2x • Memory—Up 4x • Network—Now non-blocking

10.Future Challenges for Spark on YARN Tougher time with streaming jobs and having less reliance on data locality Dimensions of hardware changing for Spark

11.Elastic Self Service Spark

12.Elastic Self Service Spark Why? Job Job Job Job CPU GPU RAM CPU GPU Disk CPU CPU Analytics Node

13.Elastic Self Service Spark Why? Job Job Job Job Disk Disk Job Job Job Job CPU GPU RAM Disk CPU GPU Disk Disk CPU CPU Analytics Node Storage Node

14.Elastic Self Service Spark Why? Scale compute and storage independently Maximize utilization of resources

15.Elastic Self Service Spark Goals • Scalable, Multi-tenant, and on-demand Spark • Security-first design • Developer and Data Scientist productivity • Cost efficiency • Uptime • Connectivity and Metrics

16.Elastic Self Service Spark • Shared, Multitenant Compute Infrastructure Spark App Spark App •

17.Elastic Self Service Spark • Shared, Multitenant Compute Infrastructure Spark App Spark App • Built on Apache Mesos and a custom scheduler • Spark 1.6.2, 2.1.1, 2.2.1 and 2.3 Scheduler Mesos

18. Concepts • Logical Environment • • For network isolation • For Automatic scale up/down boundaries • For CI/CD Spark • One place to see them all Spark Notebook Environment

19.Productionizing Spark Jobs Develop, build, deploy, run Source Control Build and Test Deploy & Run Platform Source Code CI/CD Orchestrator Job Notebook

20.How Does it Work? Driver Executor APIs Portal Orchestrator Scheduler Workflow Engines Executor

21.Configuring Your Job Yaml based Job spec Define jobs and properties jobs: # Name of the job - name: word-search jobClass: 'spark.examples.WordSearch' sparkVersion: 2.2.0 # The properties for the spark job. properties: spark.executor.instances: 1000 spark.executor.cores: 8

22.Security • Application certificates for each driver and executor • Predefined network policy for connectivity App • Authorized allocation of ports 011001 • Encryption on wire for all data ID Cert • Secrets

23.Telemetry and Forensics • Driver and Executor Logs available through log management system • Automatic integration with Telemetry system • User defined metrics • Ability to alert on Key metrics • Driver/Executor Memory • Task Metrics (Failed Tasks, Input Records, etc) • BlockManager, Scheduler • System, Load Avg

24.History Server • Multi-tenant history server • History server based off of Spark 2.3

25.History Server • Multi-tenant history server • History server based off of Spark 2.3 • Stores aggregated view of (most recent) 10000 jobs Job Timeline Events Snapshot

26.Elastic Self Service Spark 900 900,000 675 675,000 No of Executors RAM in TB 450 450,000 225 225,000 0 0 Feb Mar Apr May Ram (TB) Executors

27.Open Source Is In Our Culture

28.Open Source Is in Our Culture

29.We are hiring!

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