NASAC2019-What’s on-going in Spark + AI Community

NASAC 2019开源大数据系统软件社区资深管理员论坛
What’s on-going in Spark + AI Community


1. AI Shengsheng Huang Intel AnalyticsZoo team

2. Agenda • Efforts for building unified data analytics + AI in production • Efforts to support emerging AI applications AI

3. Agenda • Efforts for building unified data analytics + AI in production • Efforts to support emerging AI applications AI

4. What’s new in spark + ai community Spark 3. 0 • Optimizations on SQL execution (adaptive query execution, dynamic partition pruning ) • DataSourceV2 • Project Hydrogen (Barrier execution mode, Accelerator-aware scheduling, optimized data exchange) • Spark Graph • Spark on Kubernetes • … MLFlow – ML lifecycle management • Tracking – log code, data, config, results of experiments, and compare & query • Projects – code packaging format for reproducible runs on any platform • Models – model packaging format for sending models to diverse deployment tools. Koalas – pandas API on Spark All for Productivity Delta Lake – ACID layer upon data lakes AI

5. Rationale behind the efforts in community “Hidden Technical Debt in Machine Learning Systems”, Sculley et al., Google, NIPS 2015 Paper • Integration/Injection of heterogenous data models/sources, computation models, software/hardware components, … (e.g. DataSourceV2, Project Hydrogen, Spark Graph) • E2E Workflow, ML Lifecycle, Serving, Deployment, Orchestration, … (e.g. MLFlow, KubeFlow, Seldon, TFX) • Efficiency & Reliability (e.g. SQL-related optimizations, Delta Lake) • Friendly APIs (e.g. Koalas) AI

6. AI on Big Data High-Performance Unified Analytics + AI Platform Deep Learning Framework Distributed TensorFlow*, PyTorch*, for Apache Spark Keras* and BigDL on Apache Spark Accelerating DATA Analytics + AI Solutions DEPLOYMENT At SCALE *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. AI

7. Analytics Zoo Unified End-to-End Data Analytics + AI Platform Anomaly Use case Recommendation Text Classification Text Matching Detection Image Seq2Se BER Model Classification Object Detection q Transformer T Feature Engineering image 3D image text time series Integrated tfpark: Distributed TF on Spark Distributed Keras/PyTorch on Spark Analytics/AI nnframes: Spark Dataframes & Distributed Model Serving Pipelines ML (batch, streaming & online) Pipelines for Deep Learning TensorFlow Keras PyTorch BigDL NLP Architect Apache Spark Apache Flink Backend/ Library Ray MKLDNN OpenVINO Intel® Optane™ DCPMM DL Boost (VNNI) AI

8. Distributed TensorFlow on Spark #pyspark code • Data wrangling and train_rdd = spark.hadoopFile(…).map(…) dataset = TFDataset.from_rdd(train_rdd,…) analysis using PySpark #tensorflow code import tensorflow as tf • Deep learning model slim = tf.contrib.slim images, labels = dataset.tensors development using with slim.arg_scope(lenet.lenet_arg_scope()): TensorFlow or Keras logits, end_points = lenet.lenet(images, …) loss = tf.reduce_mean( \ tf.losses.sparse_softmax_cross_entropy( \ logits=logits, labels=labels)) #distributed training on Spark • Distributed training / optimizer = TFOptimizer.from_loss(loss, Adam(…)) optimizer.optimize(end_trigger=MaxEpoch(5)) inference on Spark Write TensorFlow code inline in PySpark program AI

9.Object Detection and Image Feature Extraction at* • Reuse existing Hadoop/Spark clusters for deep learning with no changes (image search, IP protection, etc.) • Efficiently scale out on Spark with superior performance (3.83x speed-up vs. GPU severs) as benchmarked by JD *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. AI

10. Product Recommendations in Office Depot* us/articles/real-time-product- recommendations-for-office-depot- using-apache-spark-and-analytics- zoo-on *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. AI

11. Computer Vision Based Product Defect Detection in Midea* tensorflow-on-analytics *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. AI

12. Particle Classifier for High Energy Physics in CERN* Deep learning pipeline for physics data Model serving using Apache Kafka and Spark *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. AI

13. Wrap Up Community is making efforts to make Spark a unified Analytics + AI platform Analytics Zoo is also working towards similar goal, by • Seamless integration various components, e.g. Tensorflow, PyTorch, BigDL, etc. • Providing full-stack optimizations involving hardware/software (VNNI, MKL-DNN, OpenVINO, etc.) • Providing ease of use, end-to-end, from laptop to production platform We are both contributors and practitioners. We use, learn, and contribute. AI

14. Agenda • Efforts for building unified data analytics + AI in production • Efforts to support emerging AI applications AI

15. Towards General AI Strategies to build AI for game playing, robots, autonomous driving, etc. Expert State/Action Supervised Environment Demonstrations Pairs Learning State Action Reward Agen t Deep Reinforcement Learning Imitation Learning (DRL) AI

16.Parallel Architecture for Deep RL Actor Massively Parallel Methods for Deep Reinforcement Learning Actor Actor AI

17. Ray On Spark Ray • • a distributed framework for emerging AI applications open-sourced by UC Berkeley RISELab RayOnSpark • a feature recently added to Analytic Zoo • allows users to directly run Ray programs on Apache Hadoop*/YARN • Ray applications can be seamlessly integrated into Spark applications-on-big-data-clusters-with-ray-and-analytics-zoo- pipeline and operate directly on Spark RDDs or 923e0136ed6a DataFrames. *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. AI

18. Building AI to Play FIFA FIFA18* - A real-time 3D soccer simulation video game by Electronic Arts* Our Experiment Platform (collaborations w/ SJTU) • runs alongside FIFA game in a non-intrusive way • provides abstraction of game environment (observations, actions, rewards, scores, semantics, etc.) • Implemented agents: RL, IL, Hybrid (IL + RL) Future Work: Results on Shooting Bronze Scenario • Transfer between Google Research Football and FIFA? Score Goal Ratio • Train agents in massive scale w/ Ray & RayOnSpark master 10112.78 92% Human • Additional models/scenarios, etc. demonstrator 7284.98 84.96% IL 10345.18 92.54% RL (Policy Agent 5606.31 40.25% Gradient) Hybrid (RL+IL) 10514.43 95.59% game-using-distributed-tensorflow-on-analytics-zoo *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. AI

19. Scalable AutoML for Time Series Analysis AutoML Framework Time Series Forecasting w/ AutoML • Data processing and feature engineering • Neural network based (hybrid) models • Automated feature selection, model selection, hyper parameter using-ray-and-analytics-zoo-b79a6fd08139 tuning AI

20. Wrap Up We’re extending the Spark stack to support emerging AI applications • RayOnSpark We’re building emerging AI applications • Building AI to play FIFA • Scalable AutoML for Time Series Analysis AI

21. More Information on Analytics Zoo • Project website • • Tutorials • CVPR 2018: • AAAI 2019: • “BigDL: A Distributed Deep Learning Framework for Big Data” • In proceedings of ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing 2019 (SOCC’19) • Use cases • Azure, CERN, MasterCard, Office Depot, Tencent, Midea, etc. • AI


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