Scaling 30 TB’s of Data Lake with Apache HBase at Production

用Scala DSL+HBase的方案,解决生产环境30TB规模数据湖的管理,来自印度的工程师介绍了如何利用Spark SQL +Hbase解决零售行业数据分析。

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2. hosted by Who Am I Lead - Data Science, Technology Evangelist @ Accion labs India Pvt. Ltd. Contributor @ Apache Spark, Apache HBase, Elixir Lang, Spark HBase Connectors. Co-Authored University Curriculum @ University of Kachchh, India. Data Engineering @: Nazara Games, Eccella Corporation. Advisor - Data Science Lab, University of Kachchh, India. M.Sc. - Computer Science from University of Kachchh, India.

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4. hosted by What is Apache HBase ●  Column-oriented NoSQL ●  Non-relational ●  Distributed database build on top of HDFS. ●  Modeled after Google’s BigTable. Add the title ●  Built for fault-tolerant application with billions/ Modules trillions of•  rows do not limit and millions of the size, columns. ●  Very low latency number, andinterval, can be adjusted near real-time random reads and random according to need writes. Source: ●  Replication, end-to-end checksums, Modules do with automatic•  rebalancing not limit the size, HDFS. ●  Compressionnumber, interval, can be adjusted ●  Bloom filters according to need ●  MapReduce over HBase data. ●  Best at fetching •  Modules rowsdobynotkey, limitscanning the size, ranges of rows number, interval, can with ordered be adjusted partitioning. according to need

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6. hosted by What is Scala ●  Scala is a modern multi-paradigm programming language designed to express common programming patterns in a concise, elegant, and type-safe way. ●  Scala is object-oriented ●  Scala is functional ●  Strongly typed, Type Inference Source: ●  Higher Order Functions ●  Lazy Computation

7. hosted by Case Story: Retail Analytics Architecting Fast Data Processing Platform to Scale 30 TB of Data in Production Use cases in Retail Analytics: Business: explain the who, what, when, where, why and how they are doing Retailing. ●  What is selling as compared to what was being ordered. ●  Effective promotions - right promotions at right outlet and right time. ●  What types of Cigarette consumers are shopping in your outlets ? ○  Gives smoking patterns in specific geography, predict demand on supply. ●  What are the purchasing patterns of your consumers ? ○  are they purchasing Pizza and Ice cream together ? ○  are they purchasing multiple Instant food products with soda together ? ●  Time Series problem - year, month, day of year, week of year to Identify which brands are not getting sold at specific geography, so it can be swap to other store.

8. hosted by Case Story: Retail Analytics - Scale Challenges ²  Weekly Data refresh, Daily Data refresh batch Spark / Hadoop job execution failures with unutilized Spark Cluster. ²  Scalability of massive data: ○  ~4.6 Billion events on every weekly data refresh. ○  Processing historical data: one time bulk load ~30 TB of data / ~17 billion transactional records. ²  Linear / sequential execution mode with broken data pipelines. ²  Joining ~17 billion transactional records with skewed data nature. ²  Data deduplication - outlet, item at retail.

9. hosted by Using HBase as a MDM System MDM - Master Data Management 1. HBase Driven Data Deduplication Algorithms Example, ²  Outlet Matching ²  Item Matching ²  Address Matching ²  Brand Matching 2. Abbreviation Standardization Example, UOM Quantity ²  UOM Standardization PACK 2 ²  Outlet Name, Address Standardization ²  UPC Standardization 2PACK NA 2PK

10. hosted by Using HBase as a MDM System Data Deduplication Problem Retail Analytics ! Examples, ●  You may find Item with same UPC code. ●  You may find Outlet with same Outlet number. ●  What if UPC Code gets upgraded from 10 Digits to 14 Digits. (Update everywhere, needs faster update.)

11. hosted by HBase - NoSQL, Denormalized columnar schema model For example, Table: transactional_line_item Column Family: f Column Family: o Column Family: t created_datetime Outlet_id Transaction_id file_id Outlet_name Item_id transaction_id Outlet_state Promo_code manufacturer_operator_submitter_id Outlet_city Gross_price Outlet_address1 Discount Outlet_address2 Quantity Outlet_region Upc Outlet_country Uom Outlet_owner_name State_gst Outlet_status Country_gst Outlet_zipcode Delivery_charges Outlet_started_date Packing_charges outlet_sub_chain_name Vendor_discount Partner_discount Corporate_discount reward_point_discount

12. hosted by Case Story: Retail Analytics - Scale -  5x performance improvements by re-engineering entire data lake to analytical engine pipeline’s. -  Proposed highly concurrent, elastic, non-blocking, asynchronous architecture to save customer’s ~22 hours runtime (~8 hours from 30 hours) for 4.6 Billion events. -  10x performance improvements on historical load by under the hood algorithms optimization on 17 Billion events (Benchmarks ~1 hour execution time only) -  Master Data Management (MDM) - Deduplication and fuzzy logic matching on retails data(Item, Outlet) improved elastic performance. -  Using HBase as a Master Data Management (MDM) System.

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14. hosted by Data Platform - Infrastructure Architecture Staging Aggregation HBase Hive Hive Layer Read Rec by Rec Elastic and do match Search Oracle NodeJS Akka-HTTP Spark [2] maprcli Index Kafka HBase Streaming and setup replication Real time query POS Files Hive / Spark / HDFS Presto [3] NodeJS HBase [1] Asynchronous HBase: node-thrift2-hbase [2] Index MapR-DB Data into Elasticsearch async Spark TensorFlow 2016/12/12/how-to-index-mapr-db-data-into-elasticsearch-on-aws MLLib thrift

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16. hosted by Data Processing Infrastructure ●  MapR Distribution - ecosystem-5.x/redhat/ ●  Data Lake - Apache HBase 0.98.12 ●  EDW / Analytical Data store - Apache Hive 1.2.1 ●  Unified Execution Engine - Apache Spark 2.0.1 ●  Distributed File storage - MapR-FS ●  Queueing mechanism - Apache Kafka ●  Streaming - HTTP Akka + scala 2.11 , Spark Streaming ●  Reporting Database - PostgreSQL 9.x ●  Legacy Database - Oracle 9 ●  Workflow Management tool - BMC Control M

17. hosted by Rethink - Fast Data Architectures. Unify, Simplify. UNIFIED fast data processing engine that provides: The The The SCALE RELIABILITY & PERFORMANCE LOW LATENCY of data lake of data warehouse of streaming

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19. hosted by Spark HBase Connector. It’s a Spark package connector written on top of Java HBase API. A simple and elegant way to write Spark - HBase Jobs. Powerful Functional Scala DSL integrated for Apache Spark. Supports: ●  Scala > 2.10 ●  Spark > 1.6 ●  HBase > 1.0

20. hosted by Spark HBase Connector. Dependency in build.sbt - libraryDependencies += "it.nerdammer.bigdata" % "spark-hbase-connector_2.10" % "1.0.3" Setting the HBase Host

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