ApacheFlink践行 Apache 之道

ApacheFlin践行 Apache 之道

1.Flink Forward China 2018 ‫ݪل‬ғApache Software Foundation ᘳ֖ғSecretary of The Apache Software Foundation ᄍᦖᘏCraig Russell

2.Apache Flink ᪢ᤈ $SDFKH ԏ᭲ Apache Flink: The Apache Way in Action

3.Apache ᫫կचᰂտ ౮ᒈԭଙ҅ฎӞਹ‫ل‬ፅ౅࠺๢຅ Established 1999 as a public charity The Apache Software Foundation ᩻ᬦӻ‫ݢ‬մӱ۸ଫአጱᶱፓ‫ع‬ᩇ‫لݻ‬ռ୏න Over 300 enterprise-ready projects free of charge to the public ሿࣁฎ‫ق‬ቖ๋य़ጱ୏რचᰂտ Now the world’s largest open source foundation

4.᧡ԅ Apache ᨯሠդᎱ" մӱҁֺইᵝᡡጱ Hadoop, ܏ԅጱ ServiceComb Corporations (e.g. Hadoop from Yahoo, ServiceComb from Huawei) Who Contributes Code to Apache? य़਍ҁຣ຋ૡӱय़਍ Stratosphere Universities (e.g. Stratosphere from TU Berlin) ᐒ‫܄‬ҁֺই Groovy, Subversion Communities (e.g. Groovy, Subversion)

5. մӱ‫࿆ل‬ ԅՋԍᥝਖ਼դᎱᨯሠᕳ Apache? Corporate Citizenship Why Contribute Code to Apache? ᒋԩ‫!  ֢ݳ‬ๅṛᨶᰁ Collaboration over Competition -> Higher Quality ʼn‫ع‬ᩇङᦒŊ “Free Training” ဩ஌‫כ‬ಷ Legal Protection

6.ই֜ਖ਼ᶱፓᨯሠᕳ Apache? Apache ਔ۸࢏ How to Contribute Projects to Apache? The Apache Incubator ਔ۸ୌᦓ޾ḵත 6WUDWRVSKHUH ଙ์҂ ‫૲ݎ‬᫫կҁଙ์҅)OLQN‫૲ݎ‬҂ Incubation Proposal and Acceptance (Stratosphere April 2014) Release the Software (Flink 0.6 August 2014) ୌᒈᐒ‫܄‬ ླӱ౮ԅᶮᕆᶱፓ ଙ์҅)OLQNླӱ҂ Build the Community Graduate to Become a Top Level Project (Flink December 2014)

7. ୌᒈᦜ‫ݢ‬ҁ,&/$҅6*$҅&&/$҂޾ߝᇈ Podling ࣁਔ۸Ӿጱ֢አ Establish Licensing (ICLA, SGA, CCLA) and branding What the Podling Does in Incubation ຅ୌचᏐຝ຅ҁᮒկ‫ڜ‬ᤒդᎱପᗑᒊ҂ Build the Infrastructure (mail lists, code repository, web site) )OLQNGHY #ᮒկ‫ڜ‬ᤒԭଙ์Ӥᕚ Flink dev@ mail list went live in April 2014

8. Stratosphere ࣁᬰ‫ف‬ਔ۸‫ݸ‬ᒈ‫ᦞᦎܨ‬ԧ‫ݷ‬ᑍ‫ݒ‬ๅ ߝᇈஉ᯿ᥝ Stratosphere discussed a name change immediately after Branding is Important entering incubation ᐒ‫ᦞᦎ܄‬Ծኞԧ‫پ܈‬ӻ‫ݢ‬ᚆጱ‫ਁݷ‬ Community discussion resulted in over a dozen possible names ࣁ GHY ᮒկ‫ڜ‬ᤒಭᐥ‫)ݸ‬OLQNᤩᭌӾ After a vote on dev list, Flink was chosen

9. Stratosphere ۱‫ݷ‬Րࣁ‫ فے‬Apache ԏ‫ֵڹ‬አ ۱‫ݷ‬ฎߝᇈጱӞ᮱‫ړ‬ Stratosphere was used in package names for “final release outside Apache” Package Naming is Part of Branding Apache ‫૲ݎ‬ጱᇇ๜ਖ਼ֵአෛ‫ݷ‬ᑍ Flink Releases from Apache would use the new name Flink ٬ਧғֵአ෯۱‫ݷ‬ๅදԅෛጱ۱‫ݷ‬ Decision: use old package name for 0.5; change to new package name for 0.6

10.ୌᦡᐒ‫܄‬ Building Community አಁฎᶱፓਂࣁጱܻࢩ ᑌᔴӞਧᨯሠ‫ݸ‬౮ԅ committer ឴஑դᎱପጱٟ๦ᴴ Users are the reason projects exist Committers after contributing, given write access to repositories Contributor ൉ԻᲙ᧏ಸ‫ࣁ҅ޞ‬ᮒկӾࢧᒼᳯ᷌҅൉‫ڊ‬ᤑӟ )OLQNླӱ‫҅ݸ‬՗‫ڡݷ‬ত FRPPLWWHU᭑Ⴙ‫઀ݎ‬ԅ‫ݸ‬๶ጱ‫ݷ‬30&౮ާ Contributors write bug reports, answer email questions, propose Flink 8 initial committers grew to 15 PMC members upon graduation patches

11. PMC ౮ާӧෙἩۜአಁ౮ԅ Contributor PMC continually encourages users to become contributors ླӱ‫ݸ‬ᖀᖅ୏઀ᐒ‫܄‬ୌᦡ After Graduation Community Building PMC committer Continues PMC recognizes contributors and invites them to become committers Flink ሿࣁํӻ committeer 19 PMC Flink now has 41 committers and 19 PMC members

12.Apache ԏ᭲ The Apache Way ᐒ‫܄‬᯿ԭդᎱ இՈ‫҅࠺݋‬੔࿢ளԔғਜ਼᯿Ӟ‫҅ڔ‬ᤈԅ‫ڞٵ‬ Community Over Code Be Nice, Have Fun: Respect for All, Code of Conduct ᤈۖᘏᕹလғఢํਫଗਹ಍ํ๦֢٬ਧ ୏නୗ୏‫ݎ‬ғӞ‫ڔ‬তԭᮒկ‫ڜ‬ᤒ Do-ocracy: those that do get to make the decisions Open Development: If it isn’t on a mail list, it didn’t happen

13. አಁํ๦ֵአ҅॔‫ץ҅ګ‬ද Apache ੒ᐒ‫܄‬෫ਸ਼ Users have rights to use, copy, modify Apache is Safe for the Community ‫ํݪل‬๦ֵአ҅‫ץ‬ද҅‫҅ݎړ‬ٚᦜ‫ݢ‬ Corporations have rights to use, modify, distribute, relicense ‫כ‬ಷ Committer ‫ع‬ԭಥ೅ᨱձғ‫૲ݎ‬ኧ Apache ᘒᶋӻՈ‫૲ݎ‬ Committers are protected from liability: releases are made by Apache, not individuals

14.Apache လቘҁᶱፓᓕቘ঩ާտ҂ Apache Governance (Project Management Committee) ᦡᗝᶱፓො‫ݻ‬ғᇙ௔҅‫૲ݎ‬෸ᳵ ᫫կ‫૲ݎ‬ᤒ٬ҁचᰂտᦊਧጱ‫ݳ‬ဩጱᤈԅ҂ Sets Direction of Project: features, release timing Votes to release software (legally, an act of the Foundation) ಭᐥᮀ᧗ Contributor ౮ԅෛጱ Committer ॒ቘӨਞ‫ق‬ፘ‫ى‬ጱᳯ᷌҅ࠟຽᳯ᷌ Votes to invite contributors to become new committers Handles security-related issues, trademark issues

15.؋଼ጱᐒ‫܄‬಍ᚆവۖ‫઀ݎ‬ Healthy Communities Drive Development ๅදԧᤈդᎱ ᩻ᬦེ൉Ի 42 Flink Committers Changed 7,099,511 lines of code Over 15,106 commits

16. ‫ول‬ᮒկ‫ڜ‬ᤒӾํ᩻ᬦ੗ኪৼᮒկ Apache Flink ਖ਼ᖀᖅौय़޾‫઀ݎ‬ More than 300,000 emails across public mailing lists Apache Flink Continuing to Engage and Grow ᒫӞེ Flink Forward 2015 ෯ᰂઊ޾ຣ຋ଙጭ୯ ෛጱय़ၖѺ First Flink Forward 2015: SF and Berlin ...on to new continents in 2018! Apache Flink ਠᗦᧁ᯽ԧ Apache ԏ᭲ Apache Flink is an example of The Apache Way done right!

17.ଆۗԅ๚๶ጱᶱፓॽਧचᏐ Help lay the foundation for future projects ᨯሠդᎱ҅෈໩ ࣁտᦓӤ‫᥺ݎ‬ փඎ‫௳מ‬ Contributing Code, Documentation Speaking at Conferences Spreading the Word ඪ೮ᐒ‫܄‬ ౮ԅਔ۸࢏੕૵ ଆۗ՜Ո Supporting the Community Becoming an Incubator Mentor Helping Others

18. ୏න Apache: 20 …… Open Apache: 20 Years and Counting... ᶐෛ Innovation ᐒ‫܄‬ Community www.apache.org