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6.Apache Pulsar in 2020

7.Pulsar Community & Ecosystem ● Major Product Releases & Updates ● Monthly Webinars ● Weekly Trainings ○ TGIP Every Friday at 1pm PT ● Case Studies, White Papers & Use Cases

8.Apache Pulsar in 2020

9.Pulsar Community & Ecosystem

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11.Get Involved! #1. Join the Pulsar Slack channel - ○ #PulsarSummit - connect with fellow attendees in real-time ○ #Job-Board - post and search Pulsar-related jobs #2. Join Pulsar Summit Newsletter List ○ Learn about upcoming webinars, product releases, case studies and more. At the bottom of the #3. Follow @apache_pulsar on Twitter #4. Take the Post-Summit Survey!

12.Apache Pulsar in 2020 First-Ever Apache Pulsar Summit ● 36 speakers ● 35+ sessions ● 550+ attendee sign-ups ● 300+ companies represented

13.Conference Overview & Logistics In-Person Summit Virtual Summit San Francisco, CA June 2020 March 2020

14.Conference Overview & Logistics 2 Days / 3 Tracks / 3 Zoom Links TIME TRACK 1 TRACK 2 TRACK 3 8:30-9:10 Keynote: Adoption, Use Cases & The Future of Pulsar (TRACK 1) 9:20-10 Keynote: Why Splunk Chose Pulsar, by Karthik Ramasamy (TRACK 1) Scaling Customer Pulsar Storage on 10:20-10:50 Kafka on Pulsar... Engagement... Bookkeeper... Getting Pulsar Event Propagation Pulsar Functions Deep 11-11:40 Spinning... across… Dive...

15.Pulsar Summit Track Moderators Track 1: Carolyn King Track 2: Jun Wang Track 3: Rosalie Bartlett Marketing, StreamNative Marketing & Events Sr Community Mgr, Verizon Media Contact us at with any questions!

16. KEYNOTE SESSION: Messaging and Event Streaming Adoption, Use Cases and the Future of Pulsar Matteo Merli / Splunk Sijie Guo / StreamNative

17.Who are we? - Matteo Merli (@merlimat) - Sijie Guo (@sijieg) - Sr. Principal Engineer, Splunk - Co-Founder, StreamNative - Co-creator and PMC chair of Pulsar - PMC Member of Pulsar/BookKeeper - Ex Co-Founder, Streamlio - Ex Co-Founder, Streamlio

18.Splunk Splunk provides operational intelligence software that monitors, reports, and analyzes real-time machine data. Splunk acquired Streamlio in Nov 2019 as part of an expanded investment in the data streaming space. Splunk is using Pulsar in multiple product lines and it’s deeply committed in further developing Pulsar and fostering its community.

19.StreamNative Founded by the developers of Apache Pulsar and Apache BookKeeper, StreamNative enables companies to access enterprise data as real-time event streams. - Contributing and helping the Pulsar/BK community grow - Helping people resolve business problems using Pulsar - Providing managed Pulsar services and enterprise support

20.Agenda - How Organizations are Using Pulsar Today / Sijie Guo - What is Driving Pulsar Adoption / Sijie Guo - The Future of Apache Pulsar / Matteo Merli

21.What is Apache Pulsar?

22.Pulsar is a cloud-native messaging and event streaming platform

23.Pulsar’s Global Adoption

24. Splunk Case Study Highlights The Data-to-Everything™ #1 Splunk Data Stream Processor Platform based on Apache Pulsar #2 Streaming and Batch connectors #3 Pulsar as a Service for Splunk cloud - Industry: IT products - Adoption: +6 months - Market Cap: 29B

25. Narvar Case Study Highlights #1 Real time transactional messaging Intelligent Customer Experience Platform #2 Data integration with Data Lake - Industry: Retail #3 Complex event processing - Adoption: 1.5 years #4 Heavy Pulsar Functions user - Scale: 50k txns/second - Mission Critical Applications

26. Instructure Case Study Highlights Educational Technology Company #1 Low-cost - Industry: Education #2 Easy to manage long term retention - Adoption: 1+ years #3 Unified messaging model - Scale: 8 AWS regions, 50k msgs/sec in the busiest region

27. Clever Cloud Case Study Highlights PaaS Company #1 Multi-tenant queue system #2 Proxy Architecture - Industry: Cloud Computing #3 Presto and S3 integration - Adoption: 1+ years - Use Cases: log ingestion pipeline and Function as a Service

28. Tencent Case Study Highlights The Wechat Company #1 Powering Tencent Billing Platform #2 Data transfer layer for federated - Industry: Internet machine learning platform - Use case: Financial & Log pipeline #3 Replace Kafka for its logging pipeline - Adoption: 2+ years in Tencent Games - Scale: 10s billions of financial txns every day

29. Huya Live Case Study Highlights Live Streaming Service #1 Replace Kafka in its log pipeline #2 Instant scalability - Market Cap: 4B #3 Multi Tenancy - Use case: Log collection - Adoption: 1+ year - Scale: 15 millions msgs/sec

StreamNative 是一家围绕 Apache Pulsar 和 Apache BookKeeper 打造下一代流数据平台的开源基础软件公司。秉承 Event Streaming 是大数据的未来基石、开源是基础软件的未来这两个理念,专注于开源生态和社区的构建,致力于前沿技术。