The first step to Multi AZ architecture for Apache BookKeeper


1.The first step to Multi AZ architecture for Apache BookKeeper (Durability and availability across zones!) Anup Ghatage Salesforce | Senior Member of Technical Staff Ankit Jain Salesforce | Senior Member of Technical Staff

2. Anup Ghatage Ankit Jain Salesforce Salesforce Carnegie Mellon University Carnegie Mellon University

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4.BookKeeper Basics

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6. What is a cookie? Zookeeper ● It’s the identity of the Bookie-0 Bookie-1 Bookie-2 Cookie Cookie Cookie InstanceID: InstanceID: InstanceID: bookie in the cluster abc123 abc123 abc123 ledgerDir=/tmp ledgerDir=/tmp ledgerDir=/tmp journalDir=/tmp journalDir=/tmp journalDir=/tmp ● Created when bookies are started ● Used to verify cluster Bookie-0 Bookie-1 Bookie-2 membership and state of data in the bookie

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8.Why do we need a Multi AZ Architecture anyway?

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11.Our design

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14. Bookie-0 Bookie-0 InstanceID: abc123 Cookie InstanceID: abc123 Cookie ledgerDir=/tmp ledgerDir=/tmp journalDir=/tmp journalDir=/tmp networkLocation= /region+zone/upgradeDomain Region West US us-west us-west1 AZ az1 2a a Kubernetes Azure AWS GCP

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17.What a Multi AZ Architecture enables

18. • • • • • Reference: Charan Guttapalem - bookkeeper-server/src/main/java/org/apache/bookkeeper/client/

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StreamNative 是一家围绕 Apache Pulsar 和 Apache BookKeeper 打造下一代流数据平台的开源基础软件公司。秉承 Event Streaming 是大数据的未来基石、开源是基础软件的未来这两个理念,专注于开源生态和社区的构建,致力于前沿技术。