The Data Ecosystem 2.0

Alluxio创始人&CEO李浩源博士在2018 BDTC大会上的主题演讲。介绍大数据和AI时代计算存储架构的演进,以及Alluxio在生态系统中的位置。 想要了解更多Alluxio,访问官网

1.Alluxio – Virtual Unified File System Li Haoyuan – Founder and CEO at Alluxio

2. The Global Datasphere will grow from 33 ZB in 2018 to 175 ZB by 2025 China’s Datasphere is expected to grow 30% on average over the next 7 years & will be the largest Datasphere of all regions by 2025 Source: IDC White Paper – #US44413318

3.We are in the era where Data is your biggest asset

4.Extracting maximum value from your data The Data Ecosystem Evolution

5.Data Ecosystem - Beta Data Ecosystem 1.0 COMPUTE COMPUTE STORAGE STORAGE

6.Data Ecosystem 1.0 – The Challenges COMPUTE Complex Low performance Expensive STORAGE

7.3 big trends driving the need for a new architecture Separation of Hybrid –Multi Self-service data Compute & cloud across the Storage environments enterprise

8.The Data Architecture for the Digital Future

9. Core requirements of 2.0 data ecosystem Unified Memory-first Native APIs Multi-hybrid cloud

10.A Virtual Unified File System

11.Java File API HDFS Interface S3 Interface FUSE Interface REST API Virtual Unified File System HDFS Driver Swift Driver S3 Driver NFS Driver

12. Key Innovations of the Virtual Unified File System Unified API Intelligent Namespace Translation Multi-tiering Bring all files into a Interact with data Accelerate & tier single interface using any API data transparently

13.Unified Namespace: Global Data Accessibility FUSE Interface makes all enterprise data available locally HDFS #1 SUPPORTS IT OPS FRIENDLY Object Store • HDFS • Storage mounted into Alluxio • NFS by central IT NFS • OpenStack • Security in Alluxio mirrors • Ceph source data HDFS #2 • Amazon S3 • Authentication through • Azure LDAP/AD • Google Cloud • Wireline encryption

14.Server-side API Translation: From legacy to modern Convert from Client-side Interface to native Storage Interface Java File API HDFS Interface S3 Interface FUSE Interface REST API HDFS Driver S3 Driver Swift Driver NFS Driver

15.Intelligent Multi-tiering: Get high-value data faster Local performance from remote data using multi-tier storage Read & Write Buffering Transparent to App RAM SSD HDD Hot Warm Cold Policies for pinning, promotion/demotion, TTL

16.Real world Use cases

17. Popular Technical Use Cases Virtual Machine Learning Self-service data Data Lake Productivity across hybrid cloud § Accelerate batch, micro- § Accelerate ML jobs § Provide unified interface batch & streaming jobs running on object stores to access all data or file systems § Slowly transition to § Accelerate & tier data lower cost object stores § Provide consistent transparently across performance to data storage tiers § Run in hybrid cloud scientists environment with § Co-locate remote data compute in the cloud with compute for performance

18.100+ Known Production Deployments Massive clusters deployed, many with 500+ nodes

19.Financial Services Case Study Machine Learning Use Case SPARK SPARK TERADATA TERADATA Challenge – Solution – Gain end to end view of business ETL Data from Teradata to Alluxio with large volume of data Impact – Faster Time to Market – “Now we Queries were slow / not interactive, resulting in operational inefficiency don’t have to work Sundays”

20.Retail Case Study Customer Analytics Use Case SPARK SPARK HDFS HDFS Challenge – Solution – Bottleneck in Trend Analysis of With Alluxio, data queries are 10X mission critical daily sales and faster inventory management Impact – Queries were slow / not interactive, Higher operational efficiency resulting in operational inefficiency

21.Telecom Case Study Customer 360 Insights HADOOP HDFS ML HADOOP ML ETL HDP CDH MAPR HDFS HDFS HDFS HDFS HDFS HDFS Challenge – Solution – Desired a central view of consumer Alluxio integrates data into central information in near real time for catalog for fast access to consumer proactive support. interaction records. Many HDFS, different distributions, Impact – many incompatible versions. On- Reduced integration time Faster data speed & freshness prem & cloud. Integration through heavy ETL.

22.Machine Learning / Deep Learning – Maximizes GPU investment: • Self-serve data access for data scientists • Rapid integration of new data sources • Improved memory management & performance

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