This chapter is mainly about developing a new Learning paradigm for systems and control , which generally includes theory,applications:motion systems control and biomechanical movement,selected publications and so on.



1. CENTRE FOR INTELLIGENT ENTRE FOR NTELLIGENT CONTROL ONTROL Developing Developing aa New New Learning Learning Paradigm Paradigm for for Systems Systems & & Control Control Theory Theory New Learning Paradigm Iterative Reinforcement Learning Learning System Machine Learning Learning Repetitive Incremental Learning Learning Bio- Learning Statistical Imitation Learning Learning Applications Applications Motion Systems Control Biomechanical Movement Humanoid behavioral analyzer By multiple internal models Selected Publications 1. J.-X. Xu and Y. Tan, “Linear and Nonlinear Iterative Learning Control”, Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences (291), Springer Verlag, 2003, Germany, ISBN 3-540-40173-3. 2. W.Z. Qian, S.K. Panda and J.-X. Xu, “Torque ripples minimization in PM synchronous motors using iterative learning control”, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Vol.19, no.2, pp.272-279, 2004. 3. J.-X. Xu, Y.Q. Chen, T.H. Lee and S Yamamoto, "Terminal iterative learning control with an application to RTPCVD", Automatica, Vol.35, no.9, pp.1535-1542, 1999. 4. J.-X. Xu and W. Wang, “A Multiple Internal Model Approach to Movement Planning”, IEEE 2004 International Symposium on Intelligent Control. For further information, please contact A/Prof. Jian-Xin Xu (