Apache Spark 中的列式存储和向量化优化

7月24日【Apache Spark 基于 Apache Arrow 的列式存储优化】

主讲人:诚历,阿里巴巴计算平台事业部 EMR 技术专家,Apache Sentry PMC,Apache Commons Committer,目前从事开源大数据存储和优化方面的工作。

简介:Apache Arrow 是一个基于内存的列式存储标准,旨在解决数据交换和传输过程中,序列化和反序列化带来的开销。目前,Apache Spark 社区的一些重要优化都在围绕 Apache Arrow 展开,本次分享会介绍 Apache Arrow 并分析通过 Arrow 将给 Spark 带来哪些特性。

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1. Apache Spark 基于 Apache Arrow 的列式存储优化 7点开始 更更多精彩分享,请访问《Apache Spark中国技术社区》

2.Apache Spark 基于 Apache Arrow 的列式存储优化 阿⾥里里云智能 E-MapReduce 诚历 2019.7

3.关于我 孙⼤大鹏(花名:诚历) 计算平台事业部 E-MapReduce 开源大数据存储和优化 Apache Sentry PMC Apache Commons Committer Hadoop, Hive, Alluxio Contributor EMR (E-MapReduce) https://www.aliyun.com/product/emapreduce 阿里云上基于开源生态,包括 Hadoop、Spark、Kafka、Flink、Storm 等组件,为您提供集 群、作业、数据管理等服务的⼀一站式企业大数据平台。

4.Spark & Columnar Apache Arrow Spark + Arrow

5.Spark & Columnar

6.Columnar Storage Overview Columnar storage: Data is stored in columns instead of rows. e.g. Parquet, ORC Why column-oriented storage: – Storage efficiency; – Filter and skip data; – Vectorized –… https://yq.aliyun.com/articles/682793

7.Columnar Optimization on Spark ORC Vectorized Pandas with Reader Arrow Parquet Vectorized Reader Table Cache RDD Cache https://www.slidestalk.com/Spark/In_Memory_Storage_Evolutionin_Apache_Spark

8.InternalRow ColumnVector Tungsten ColumnVector ColumnVector

9.Summary • Columnar Optimization Parquet Vectorized Reader (2.0+) Pandas UDF with Arrow (2.3+) ORC Vectorized Reader (2.4+) • InternalRow & ColumnVector make Spark easy to connected to more columnar storages

10.Apache Arrow

11.Apache Arrow • Arrow specifies a standardized language-independent columnar memory format for flat and hierarchical data, organized for efficient analytic operations on modern hardware.

12.Objective of Apache Arrow •Each system has its own internal •All systems utilize the same memory format memory format •70-80% computation wasted on •No overhead for cross-system serialization and deserialization communication •Similar functionality implemented •Projects can share functionality (e.g. in multiple projects Parquet-to-Arrow reader)

13.Arrow Inside (1) Arrow Format & Vector & Memory: • Base on Flatbuffer • Int, Decimal, Float, Varchar… • Buffer allocate

14.Record Batch Construction

15.Arrow Inside (2) Arrow Gandiva • LLVM-Based Analytical Expression Compiler Vectorization and SIMD • AVX-128、AVX-512 https://www.dremio.com/announcing-gandiva-initiative-for-apache-arrow/

16.Arrow Inside (3) Arrow Plasma • In-Memory Object Store holds immutable objects in shared memory so that they can be accessed efficiently by many clients across process boundaries Arrow Flight • Extend GRPC To Better Work With Arrow Streams

17.Arrow Ecosystem Parquet Arrow Arrow Arrow File Batch Execution Batch Gandiva Plasma Parquet Arrow Arrow Arrow Execution File Batch Batch Gandiva Flight Parquet Arrow Arrow Arrow Execution File Batch Batch Gandiva

18.Spark + Arrow

19.PySpark & Arrow spark.sql.execution.arrow.enabled=true DataFrame.toPandas()

20.Spark & Arrow [SPARK-27396] Public APIs for extended Columnar Processing Support https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SPARK-27396

21.Spark & AI Summit (1) Make your PySpark Data Fly with Arrow https://www.slidestalk.com/Spark/Make_your_PySpark_Dat a_Fly_with_Arrow

22.Spark & AI Summit (2) Apache Arrow-Based Unified Data Exchange https://www.slidestalk.com/Spark/Apache_Arrow_Based_U nified_Data_Sharing_and_Transferring_Format

23.Spark & AI Summit (3) Accelerating Machine Learning Workloads and Apache Spark Applications via CUDA and NCCL https://www.slidestalk.com/Spark/Accelerating_Machine_L earning_Workloads_and_Apache_Spark


阿里巴巴开源大数据EMR技术团队成立Apache Spark中国技术社区,定期打造国内Spark线上线下交流活动。请持续关注。 团队群号:HPRX8117 微信公众号:Apache Spark技术交流社区